Pros and Cons of Cooking Oils & Canned Fish – Episode 12 – Summer Tomato Live

by | Sep 7, 2011

Tonight on Summer Tomato Live we’re discussing the best oils to choose for cooking and whether you should worry about oxidation and oils going “rancid” at high heat. We’ll also discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of eating canned fish, including BPA and heavy metal contamination.

Join us at 6:00pm PST to find out how much to worry (or not) about these issues.

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I encourage you to call in with video questions, particularly if your question is nuanced and may involve a back and forth discussion. Please use headphones to call in however, or the feedback from the show is unbearable.

See you soon!

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8 Responses to “Pros and Cons of Cooking Oils & Canned Fish – Episode 12 – Summer Tomato Live”

  1. Im so gutted I missed the opp to participate in this discussion – so interested to hear your opinion on oils! Since studying nutrition I’ve head a lot about the dangers of cooking with olive oil etc… but my mama (VERY health conscious) always rubbishes the idea saying that very healthy countires have cooked with olive oil for years. So interested to hear your opinion and signign up now to join the next discussion.
    As a side note I’ve decided to override the controversy and get really into ghee – SO good and my chef husband is now obsessed! Talk soon xx

  2. Gina says:

    I’m curious about what you said about coconut oil; I bought this brand:
    from this amazing local foods store in LA- Cookbook- and just assumed it was the best kind because they sold it, however it definitely has a coconut flavor. It tastes delicious for sauteed greens, because it gives them this buttery, coconut-y flavor.
    My mom has the Nutiva brand- extra-virgin, cold pressed. Mine is virgin, expellar pressed. Mine is whole kernel and hers, I’m assuming, is white kernel because it has crystals in it whereas mine is clear. Is mine the right kind of oil?

    • Darya Pino says:

      Sorry for the confusion, I think I misspoke a bit on this point. The more refined the oil, the less taste it will have. So for a better quality, less refined oil there will be some taste. For coconut oil both are likely fine, and you should pick based on your taste preferences.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Good information but it could have been given in half the time. Perhaps a power point or bullet point presentation would help stay on track and move more smoothly. I get impatient with videos as they tend to drag out. I can read the information more quickly and retain it better. Therefore, I seldom watch video presentations. I did stick this one out but came close to canning it less than half way through.

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