Welcome To Summer Tomato!

by | Mar 25, 2009

Summer Tomatoes

This is the official launch of Summer Tomato! Welcome!

Summer Tomato is an upgrade of the blog Thought for Food I have been running on Google’s Blogger for the past 9 months. While Blogger was a fantastic place for me to get started, its limitations could sometimes detract from the readers’ experience. And because my readers deserve the best, I have created Summer Tomato!

If you are a Thought for Food loyalist, never fear. All the old posts and comments from summertomato.blogspot.com have been moved here safe and sound. My main goal for this site was not to start from scratch but to make it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Here are some new features at Summer Tomato:

  • Categories One of the biggest factors in my decision to migrate to the WordPress platform was the ability to sort posts into categories. Because of how I approach food and health, my articles can range from science to recipes to politics. You can now navigate all Summer Tomato categories using the colorful menu at the top of the page.
  • About I finally have an About page! Everything you’ve always wanted to know about me or this blog can be found there. Navigation options can be found on the About page sidebar.
  • Healthstyle I am sick and tired of the word diet and am now using the word Healthstyle to describe healthy eating. You can read all about it here.
  • Ask Me People have lots of questions about health and nutrition and I love to answer them! There is now a section of this blog where you can post questions about health and nutrition, and I will do my best to address them in a future article. I think this could be really fun, and I hope you participate. For now it is just an experiment, so we will see how it works out.
  • Contact Form Summer Tomato has an official form if you would like to contact me personally. This is a perfect place to address private inquiries and suggestions.
  • Shop Summer Tomato has a new store powered by Amazon! I am really excited about this feature because Amazon usually has the best prices on the internet and now I can easily point you to my favorite books, kitchen gadgets and other fun foodie things and you can make purchases directly from within this site. At the Summer Tomato store you can find everything you need for learning about food, health and cooking. You can stock a new kitchen, take your Healthstyle on the road or upgrade to the coolest toys. Many of the products also feature my personal reviews and I will continue to update these whenever possible. Any purchases you make through the 

I encourage you to explore the new Summer Tomato site and let me know what you think. All suggestions are welcome and I will do my best to reply to any comments or questions you may have.

If you currently subscribe to the Thought for Food email or RSS feeds, your subscription should continue to work with Summer Tomato. If it does not, please contact me as soon as possible so I can fix it. Also, if you are currently linking this blog from another website, it would be great if you could update your link to SummerTomato.com.

This site will continue to evolve over time and I hope that the changes reflect the needs of the readers. If you like this blog, please share it with your friends and family. Summer Tomato can only be as strong as the community we build together.

Thanks to everyone who has already helped make Summer Tomato possible, I couldn’t have done it without you.



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24 Responses to “Welcome To Summer Tomato!”

  1. Jenna says:

    The new site looks fabulously scrumptous – Love it! Looking forward to digging in deeper and sharing thoughts. Way to go – Cheers! Jenna

  2. MB says:

    Looks great. So far, easy to maneuver.

  3. Aaron says:

    You’re a rock star, darya!

  4. You launched your new site today too?? What synchronicity!

  5. LOVE the new site! It is fantastic. Congrats 😉

  6. John O says:

    It’s purty! Nice work.

  7. fas says:

    Well i was pleasantly surprised to see the site like this. But then i realized you have shifted to wordpress. Great going, I was gonna tell you, you should have done that long time ago.

    You should install a few plugins like Platinum SEO pack and WP Greet Box.

    • Darya Pino says:

      Thanks, I have been working on it for a long time! I do use those plugins or equivalent. I think it will take a few days for Google to re-index my site and for everything to work properly.

      Thanks for the advice!

  8. Matt Shook says:

    Congrats on the new site…looks very clean and friendly. I like how it was lauched only five days after the start of Spring. 😉

  9. Healthyliving says:

    Wow, great new site Darya! I haven’t clicked around much yet, but from the look of things I think I am really going to like your sliding picture categories at the top for sorting through different posts- especially for the recipes, which I often don’t get around to right away but can’t find them later. Congrats!!!

    • Darya Pino says:

      Absolutely! It was bugging me that recipes could get so buried on the site. Be sure to use the category labels in the side bar and the tags at the bottom of each post as well.

  10. Darya, I’m loving this news site! What a GREAT resource for people. It looks so good, easy to navigate, very pretty, and most important….very useful. I’m loving it!!

  11. Katie says:

    Like everyone else Darya, love your site! How could anyone not?!

  12. NB says:

    Hey Darya. Of course you know I love your site. Also just wanted to comment that I love your foodfeed/twitter feed, it make it so easy to see what you are eating, helps give me ideas. I just had an experience yesterday where I recommended your site to someone, and a big reason was because of the twitter feed: for a lot of us, its hard to know what eat, and its easy to get stuck in a rut; anyways, I’m glad you have that there, and I like checkin’ up on what you’re munching on!

    • Darya Pino says:

      I think the feed is very important, and I’m glad you like it. It gets to show in real life how I use all the wonderful things I buy. If you ever want a recipe for anything you see, I am happy to pass it along (even if it isn’t a post).


  13. Mike says:

    Hi Darya, finally found your blog again! Congratulations, things look good!

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