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6 Simple Ways to Stay Fit in the Winter

by | Feb 3, 2014

Photo by michael pollak

Sub-zero temperatures and 12 feet of snow? Pffff. That doesn’t stop foodists from staying active.

Last week I asked those of you who live in the colder regions of the planet how you’re keeping fit despite the extreme weather this winter. And just as I had hoped, you demonstrated an extraordinary level of imagination and creativity.

As a California native who has only experienced snow and freezing weather a handful of times, I learned a ton about your winter healthstyles and I’m thrilled to share your insights.

A few patterns emerged that seem to work for a lot of different people:
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How Do You Stay Fit in Winter? [Win a signed copy of Foodist]

by | Jan 27, 2014

Photo by bgbabygirl

Earlier this month I was at the farmers market and asked one of my favorite farmers how he’s doing. “I’ve been out of water for a month,” he told me. “And I won’t have more until it rains. I’m looking for new land.”

It’s been two weeks since then, not a drop of water has fallen, and smoke has filled the skies from the wildfires in the hills.

We aren’t having winter in California this year.

While 75 degree days in January sounds awesome on the surface, it certainly comes with its downsides. As I stroll to the gym each day in a t-shirt and sunglasses hoping that my post-workout shower water won’t be rationed, my brain struggles to imagine what it’s like to fight blizzards and the polar vortex.

That said, even though snow and ice make me feel like a fish out of water, I can guarantee you that I’d figure out a way to get my workouts in regardless of weather.

We all face different challenges to staying fit year round, and we each have to find strategies that work for us and our particular situation. This presents an excellent opportunity to harness the power of the internet and the collective wisdom of Summer Tomato readers to share ideas and solutions.

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