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Farmers Market Update

by | Mar 14, 2009
spring vegetables

spring vegetables

Spring is continuing to sprout up all around us here in San Francisco. Today at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market fluffy spring greens mingle with waning citrus crops, in breathless anticipation of the coming stone fruits and berries.
assorted kale
Chard and kale are particularly beautiful these days. Kale comes in so many colorful varieties, just look at this assorted kale braising mix I got at Marin Roots today.

Green garlic is another unique spring time treat, as green onions are to regular onions, green garlic is more mild than your typical bulb and is perfect for spreads and dips. It is also wonderful in eggs or on salad.

I highly recommend the artichokes from Iacopi Farms, green garlicparticularly the baby ones that can be marinated and sauteed. Fennel is another great vegetable to try this time of year.

I haven’t been overly impressed with the fruit lately, though. I am getting tired of citrus, and the apples I tried today were far too sweet for me. Kiwi are fantastic, but I can only eat so many kiwi in a week.

One day soon though, the market will transform into a cherry explosion. I can’t wait!

Today’s Purchases:dried lavender

  • Assorted kale (Marin Roots Farms)
  • Free range eggs (Marin Roots Farms)
  • Baby artichokes (Iacopi Farms)
  • Baby leeks (Dirty Girl Produce)
  • Treviso (Dirty Girl Produce)
  • Broccoli shoots (Dirty Girl Produce)
  • Red Russian kale (Eatwell Farms)
  • Rosemary (Eatwell Farms)
  • Russian fingerling potatoes (Capay Organics)
  • Carrots (Capay Organics)
  • Asparagus (Capay Organics)orange blossoms
  • Gold chard (Capay Organics)
  • Tangelo (Hamada Farms)
  • Clementines (Hamada Farms)
  • Meyer lemons (Hamada Farms)
  • Kiwi (Four Sisters Farm)

Is it spring time in your town yet?

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