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3 Biggest Lessons from Foodist Kitchen (even though I’m an experienced cook)

by | Dec 28, 2016

roast peppers with mozzarella

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For me nothing is more flattering than when someone I trust and respect in my field says something nice about my work. Of course it makes me happy when a family member or close friend compliments me too, but I can’t help but wonder how much the love bias is influencing their words.

So when author, scientist and fellow healthy food writer Jules Clancy reached out to tell me how much she enjoyed my Foodist Kitchen program, my heart skipped a beat.

I have been following Jules over at Stone Soup for years and know she’s an experienced cook. So I was deeply flattered to hear that she got so much from the program even though it is primarily designed for beginners.

When she offered to share her favorite highlights from the program with all of you, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ll let Jules take it from here.

Use code NEWYEAR2017 to get $15 off Foodist Kitchen until Jan 6 January 8.

Jules Clancy LOVES real food and hanging out in her kitchen. She has a degree in Food Science and is the author of ‘5-Ingredients 10-Minutes’. For a free eCookbook of delicious 5-ingredient recipes sign up for the Stonesoup weekly newsletter.

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Learn to Cook Without Recipes in 2017 (and save $15)

by | Dec 26, 2016

OFFER EXTENDED: Save $15 on Foodist Kitchen until January 8 using code NEWYEAR2017

As I’ve explained before, cooking is by far the most important habit you need if you want to take control of your health. The reason for this is pretty simple: you can guarantee that your plate is filled with vegetables and other Real Foods that are satisfying, nourishing and delicious.

If getting Real Food on your plate is easy and you’re excited to eat it, then you have a recipe for long-lasting good health. You win.

An added benefit of cooking at home is it’s a great way to detox from weeks of holiday parties, family feasts and airport food. Amirite??

Of course, cooking your meals at home is easier said than done.

If you don’t feel confident in your cooking skills the whole “satisfying and delicious” part may elude you.

If you’ve always relied on recipes to decide what to buy and how to turn it into dinner then getting Real Food on your plate “easily” sounds like a pipe dream.

If the extent of your kitchen talent is heating up a frozen dinner, then eating “vegetables and other Real Foods” is a genuine Christmas miracle.

Cooking isn’t one skill. It’s several skills (knife work, flavor pairings, intuition for flavors and when food is “done”) mixed with a set of habits (grocery shopping, keeping a clean kitchen, using up leftovers) the end result of which is ease and confidence in the kitchen.

And for one reason or another many of us never learned these essential lessons.

I created Foodist Kitchen to solve this problem and teach you to cook without recipes in 30 days. And what better time to start than in your week off before the New Year?

From now until Jan 6 January 8 use the code NEWYEAR2017 to save $15 on the Foodist Kitchen program.

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How I Learned to Cook Without Recipes

by | Apr 29, 2015

Going away to college was a huge shock for me.

I was so neurotic about food at the time that I refused to live in the dorms and pay for the required school meal plan. So I got an apartment with some friends and attempted to feed myself for the first time in my life.

Oh boy.

For the first few months I ate out every meal. In Berkeley this was fun since there’s so much great food, but the novelty eventually wore off.

I also didn’t appreciate the extra 25 pounds that all seemed to pile onto my thighs. So I decided to start making more meals at home.

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