Why Real Food Is the Secret to You and Your Family Sticking With Healthy Habits

by | Aug 28, 2017

“The way that you look and the way that you see yourself are not one and the same.” – Jamie Dana

In this episode I talk with Jamie, a health counselor and foodist success story.

Jamie and I have similar backgrounds and a lot in common. We both had mothers who raised us on packaged diet foods and jazzercise videos. And we both had powerful “a-ha” moments at the farmers market that changed how we approached our healthstyle forever.

Jamie tells her story about how she was able to introduce healthier foods into her and her family’s lives, and the impact it has made on their outlook of the world.

Her tips on how she turned her kids into more adventurous eaters and look at food completely differently are invaluable.

We also discuss what processed foods do to your brain, how tiny steps lead to huge successes and how living in line with your core values can bring rewards that are so much larger than what you could ever have imagined.

Jamie reminds us that eating well is not complicated and that how you feel on the inside changes how you look on the outside. She is now an avid supporter of the farmers market, lives a happy and healthy life and no longer gives dieting a second thought.

Prepare to be inspired as you listen to Jamie’s journey of how she was able to find and commit to a healthstyle that both her and her family love.

Wish you had more time to listen to the podcast? I use an app called Overcast (no affiliation) to play back my favorite podcasts at faster speeds, dynamically shortening silences in talk shows so it doesn’t sound weird. It’s pretty rad.


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7 Responses to “Why Real Food Is the Secret to You and Your Family Sticking With Healthy Habits”

  1. Ruth Griffin says:

    Oh Darya , Jamie ! Thankyou sooo much for the most wonderful, insightful, helpful podcast! I have listened twice already and will listen again and make notes ! 👍👍😊😊🏅🏅. I reckon podcasts like this should be compulsory listening ! Maybe we could broadcast them in doctors waiting rooms instead of the usual muzak 😉 Thankyou again both of you for putting this brilliant stuff out there .
    Smiles and hugs from the UK xx

  2. Ruth Griffin says:

    PS A question about Rancho Gordo beans … Are they dried beans ? And does anyone know if I can buy them in the UK or anything of similar quality ?? They sound wonderful!

  3. Brooke says:

    Hi Darya,

    I’m a new fan of your book, blog, and podcast. I’m American but have lived in Poland for 2 years. Food culture here is no joke — there ARE such things as “culinary sins” and people (for the most part) observe them, to their obvious benefit. I’m learning so much!

    However, I’m stumbling over something. If you’re aware of good resources, could you point me toward some solid info on the differences in food processing regulations between the US and EU?

    Here’s where I struggle: When I lived in the US, I had my local/organic systems pretty well figured out. I also had a good handle on the negative impact of my occasional less-nutritious decisions, i.e., buying industrial, non-grassfed beef instead of grassfed, getting Whole Foods eggs vs. eggs from my local organic farmer, or buying regular fruit from a standard grocery store vs. local organic stuff. I could weigh the pros/cons more easily and gauge the damage.

    But in the EU, I’m just confused! I know EU regs are stricter but I don’t know what that means exactly. I have a local market with AMAZING tasting seasonal produce and it is non-organic (as far as I can tell). It’s open every day and is a 5 min walk from my house. I don’t usually wait for the pretentious, overpriced organic market that’s only open one day a week because that just feels ridiculous. Also, grocery store meat tastes better than American industrial grocery store meat — but is it? For example, would a grocery store chicken here have been bleached? Would antibiotics have been used? Sometimes? Never? How do I tell?

    Interestingly, Poles tend to snub organic food because their regular food is SO tasty, local, fresh, and affordable that it just seems like throwing out money. Is it worth it to continue pursuing organic options here, or should I relax a bit?

    • Darya Rose says:

      Hi Brooke,

      Sorry, don’t know the answer for this. I’d try to friend up some foodists in your area and search for documents and policies online. Took me years to sort all this stuff out in the US, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to do it overnight in a new country.


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