My Favorite Healthy Eating Blogs & Resources (what are yours?)

by | Feb 8, 2012

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I don’t know the exact numbers, but something like a gazillion of you have asked me for a list of my favorite healthy food and science websites.

Back in the day I used to keep a running blogroll, but it took too much work to maintain and there are politics (and lots of email spam) involved in having a whole page of Summer Tomato dedicated to promoting other sites, so I decided to do away with it.

But questions keep coming from people wanting to know where I find all the stories for my Friday link love posts, my preferred alternative to a permanent blogroll. The unfortunate answer is that I subscribe to an extraordinary number of blogs (you’d probably cry if you saw what I go through every Thursday), and there are too many sites and I edit the list too often for it to be useful for most of you.

That said, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have my favorites.

Sadly one of those favorites, the news feed at Food52 (formerly Food News Journal), recently decided to hang up the towel and stopped sending out their daily food links. It was an amazing resource and I’m totally heartbroken. But as a result I’m also now looking for a few more excellent food and health news feeds to supplement my weekly reading, and I need your help.

Below I’ve shared my favorite sites and resources, in no particular order, that I rely on regularly for top-quality content. Though I subscribe to many more than are listed here (and I still get a lot of content from Twitter, Digg, etc.), these are the ones that consistently provide share-worthy content on the web and I would never post on Friday without flipping through them first. I respect these sites tremendously and am looking for more publications of this caliber to add to my collection.

If you think there’s anything I can’t live without, please leave it in the comments and I’ll check it out. Thanks in advance for your help!

Health & Science News

Science Daily – Health and Medicine


New York Times – Health

LA Times – Booster Shots

Health Blogs

Nutrition Over Easy – Monica Reinagel

Weighty Matters – Yoni Freedhoff

Whole Health Source – Stephan Guyenet

Raw Food SOS – Denise Minger

Dr. Weil’s Daily Blog – Andrew Weil

Mark’s Daily Apple – Mark Sisson

Green Blogs



Food Safety & Politics

On Food – Mark Bittman

Food Politics – Marion Nestle

Marler Blog – Bill Marler

Grist – Food

Healthy Recipe Blogs

101 Cookbooks

Smitten Kitchen

David Lebovitz


Simply Recipes

Ruth Reichl

Jenn Cuisine

Sprouted Kitchen

What are you reading?

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27 Responses to “My Favorite Healthy Eating Blogs & Resources (what are yours?)”

  1. Chic says:

    You might take a look at this food safety site:

  2. Chic says:

    More health blogs to consider.

    Consumer Reports Health blog:

    New York Times Well blog for health:

    For Health issues from a business point of view:

    From Scientific American Health:

  3. Sari says:

    Thanks for all of the most important info that you can be sharing.
    I have a food blog called Feel free to check it out. It focuses on an alkaline diet vs a highly acidic one.

  4. Other (Free) Healthy Recipe Sites:

    Paging Dr La Puma:



    Food and Health:

    (disclosure: I created the recipes on the first two sites).

  5. i read 4 of your listed ‘health’ blogs regularly! even have the MDA app on my phone! people thought i was crazy in 2009 for eating real, whole foods and getting all primal on them but it was the best decision i ever made. exercise is no longer a chore because i don’t really ‘formally’ work out more than 2x weekly. my diet mostly takes care of my looking ‘fit’ so to speak.

    take home message, i wish more people would experiment and see how much better their day to day lives, relationships, digestion & overall mental outlook could be just by nourishing themselves properly!

    p.s. LOVE denise! as a fellow scientist, i know logging through data takes time but wish she would post more regularly!

  6. del rashid says:

    hi Darya,

    i have a suggestion, its

    its a great site that shares scientific ideas, iv just watched a video by Dr Daniel Wolpert, titled “The real reason for the brain”, he puts it down to movement.

  7. jeff clark says:

    I just added this site to my Google Reader list:

    Food Freedom:

    a blog devoted to those articles that address food safety, food freedom–the right to choose your own food or farmer, and food sovereignty. I am going to give this a good look on a regular basis.

  8. Pam says:

    For healthy food blogs, I go to for heart healthy recipe ideas. Same for

  9. Nikolay says:

    I’d recommend – the whole concept is just genius! They just need to get to Europe asap

  10. Great list!

    Have you come across any good blogs other than Tim Ferriss’s “Experiments in Lifestyle Design” blog (which I am already addicted to) that talk about his nutritional ideas in the 4HB?

    BTW… I am 50:04 into your video on healthy veggie diets… very comprehensive and responsible… I really appreciated the balance especially… thanks again for the link

  11. I definitely agree about Mark’s Daily Apple. I thought it was really interesting last week when he discussed how rice isn’t necessarily bad for you as long as you stay active.

    I also like which has lots of great recipes.

  12. Lisa Kerhart says:

    Great prevention website

  13. AJ says:

    Summer Tomato is my favorite healthy eating blog. =]

  14. Darya Pino says:

    And AJ gets the gold star for the day 😉

  15. Nathalie says:

    for gluten free recipes and vegeterian recipes from the middle east
    Thanks !

  16. Alexandra says:

    I write and it’s about eating healthy, wholesome and family friendly recipes, and life’s ridiculousness. Please check it out!

  17. Cynthia says:

    I read yours and 101 Kitchen 🙂 But since you shared yours, I am going to browse around them 🙂 Thanks Darya!

  18. Jay says:

    I like Bruce Bradley’s blog at

    He used to work for some food company and his posts are all about how Big Food companies try to get you eating more and more processed food.

  19. RObert Scott says:

    I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Came across it searching for healthy eating information and got a ton of it. I’ll be back often and will share with friends at

  20. Jason says:

    All your links are excellent! Thanks so much! This is not a blog but the articles on this site are definitely worth a look:

  21. Cactus Wren says:

    Great collection! But the Sprouted Kitchen link is broken.

  22. Actually, I myself own a health blog, it’s about [link removed] chronic hives treatment.

    My favorite health blogs though are Zenhabits and 2knowmyself
    Great Blog. I’ve just stumbled upon it and I’ll be checking more often

  23. AJ says:

    Hi, Darya!

    I saw your tweet about nomnompaleo, and even though I’m not following a paleo lifestyle, I’m so grateful that you connected me to that resource. She has some fantastic recipes!

    Since this post was written, if there have been any additional blogs or books that you have encountered and enjoyed using for recipes, I would so appreciate it if you could please share them. Thanks again for everything!

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