Summer Tomato Live – Episode #2 – Darya’s Healthstyle

by | Mar 10, 2011

Thanks to all of you who participated in the latest episode of Summer Tomato Live, your questions were great and I had a blast.

The recording of the show is above, and you’ll notice quickly that I had to re-record the audio since I had some trouble during the recording. Sorry about that, I’ll get this technical stuff right eventually.

The next live show is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16, at 6:30pm PST, and the topic is Habit forming and habit breaking. The following episode will be about healthy vegetarian and vegan diets, which I’ll try to make interesting for omnivores as well.

The episode will also be available soon on iTunes.

Today’s show notes:


My go-to recipes:

My tricks for cooking without pasta:

Time saving tricks:

Exercise tips & alternatives:

How to:

Recommended healthstyle gear:

Let me know if there are any other links you’d like me to include.

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6 Responses to “Summer Tomato Live – Episode #2 – Darya’s Healthstyle”

  1. blipton says:

    Why does milk cause skin problems? Is it the calcium? The acidity?

    Speaking of breakfast, alot is made about fiber, and cereal… Do the benefits of whole grain (insoluble fiber etc) outweigh the bad (gluten)? Have you ever used Chia Flour for making bread?

    I’d like to eat a mixed bag of beans, 20 or so varieties at once, but every time it seems some beans are mushy and others are hard! I guess the individual soaking/cooking requirements for each variety is so specific that it’s impossible to use a mixed bag!

    Also, are you afraid of Lectins? I heard bean lectins cause a negative auto-immune response?

    I love coconut oil for cooking too! I also use butter or macadamia nut oil.. so good!

    Do you like broccoli sprouts on salad? Taste a bit radishy and hard to find.. but heard it’s nutritious?

  2. Jake says:

    What brand of containers do you use to store your dry beans in?

  3. Holly says:

    Hey! I think it was in this episode where you mention the multi-vitamin and vitamin D drops you take….can you tell me which TJ’s vitamins you take and how many IUs you take of vitamin D? (is it D3?)


    • Darya Pino says:

      Hi Holly,

      I was taking the TJ’s supercrusade multivitamin, but recently switched to a food-based one. I don’t love it, so will probably shop elsewhere (aka Whole Foods) next time I get some. TJ’s was ok but I never shop there anymore (it’s inconvenient to get there from where I’m living).

      I take vitamin D3 drops from Carlson. I typically take 5000IU.

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