Farmers Market Update: No Fridge

by | Jul 26, 2009


After two weeks of miserable cold and fog the sun finally came out today in San Francisco and the crowds found their way to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. It was a blast!

I faced a unique challenge while shopping this weekend. A few days ago my refrigerator died and to my dismay we cannot get anyone out to fix it until Monday. *Gasp!* That meant no greens, berries, eggs, or a bunch of other goodies I had been looking forward too. I was panicked at first, but once I started shopping I realized I would continue to eat like a queen this week as usual.

What can sit happily on the counter for a few days? Summer tomatoes, of course!!



Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

But the fun doesn’t stop there. I also loaded up on peppers of all shapes and colors, sweet corn, eggplant, summer squash, carrots, potatoes, onions and more stone fruit than I’m comfortable admitting to.

Yep. Life goes on, even without a refrigerator.

I also spent some time today with the nice folks over at Bella Viva Orchards. We talked awhile about all the wonderful summer produce and discussed a number of ways to enjoy peaches, one of my favorite stone fruits. Delicious! I will post a link to the interview when it goes out in their newsletter in a couple weeks.



New Potatoes

New Potatoes

On that note, the best finds at the market right now are peaches and nectarines, pluots, melons, squash, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, greens, corn, onions, berries (there was a berry tasting event today too) and fresh beans. I was surprised today to see that grapes are also starting to appear, sweet and crisp.

Oh, and the cherry tomatoes I got are da bomb. You should get some.

What are your favorite scores from the farmers market this weekend?

Today’s goodies:

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8 Responses to “Farmers Market Update: No Fridge”

  1. Isn’t is amazing how once we don’t have a comfort from todays world/lifestyle — like a fridge — we slowly realize just how EASY it is to do without it…well, for for a little while, anyway 🙂

    It’s been so rainy & cold here in the Northeast I must say the farmer’s markets aren’t what they usually are….not the best pickin’s….but I did pick up some wonderful tomatoes, basil, scallions, lettuce and fresh mozzarella this week at the market.

    Oh yeah, and the tomatoes were “da bomb” — nothing like a fresh tomato in season!!

    • Darya Pino says:

      It IS amazing! I swore I wasn’t going to buy much of anything and I probably have more food than I can eat.

      Too bad about the weather this year. I’ve been hearing from people all over the country that the farmers markets are not as awesome as usual. We are in a drought here in CA, but the fruit is as sweet as ever. Maybe that’s why…

  2. Cherry tomatoes are great, aren’t they? We grew a new one by accident this year, the Yellow Pear Tomato, which is a small, cherry tomato sized tomato. It doesn’t have the acid of the red ones, but it is still nice. I have to say I still prefer the good, dark red ones. Great goods for the week!

    • Darya Pino says:

      I agree with you completely. The red ones are like candy. I like to have a few different colors for visual effect, but nothing beats the little red guys 🙂

  3. Sonya in the City says:

    We must have passed by each other a few times yesterday! I also picked up potatoes from Zuckermans, baby lettuces from Marin Farms and nectarines (peaches too) from Frog Hollow. I also got great basil and cilantro, 3 kinds of beets, and loads of tomatoes (including cherries), and a great melon. The nectarines and peaches at Frog Hollow were a little pricey but worth every penny. So delicious!

  4. Sandra says:

    Baltimore is doing lovely. Last week I caught blink and you’ll miss them black currants and gooseberries. The tomatoes are splendid and made a glorious roasted tomato and eggplant tart.

  5. Jan says:

    Yay! Farmer’s market does have the best food. I finally tried spaghetti squash, thanks to you, and it is phenomenal (and still cost-effective)! I’m never going back to regular pasta again. I am now a religious follower of your blog. I went to King of Thai today and was stuck on ordering food. Actually, I knew pad kee mao is sort of a killer but I couldn’t resist. I’m not sure if you ever go there for your thai food, but what would you normally get or recommend? I normally get the pad kee mao or the duck over rice. Not a big fan of curry at all. But I also do love their fried (yes fried) tofu with peanut sauce…

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