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The Easiest Way to Make Spectacular Gluten-Free Bread at Home

by | Oct 20, 2014
Gluten-Free Girl's baguettes

Gluten-Free Girl’s baguettes

I’m currently in the air at 35,00 feet flying from Austin to Detroit. I had the honor this past weekend to speak about how to Eat Clean at the Prevention R3 Summit, and am on my way to speak at Brand Camp 2014.

It’s difficult not to be inspired by all the brilliant people in these two worlds––health and tech––putting all their energy and talents into making the planet a better place to live.

In the health world we are already lightyears ahead of where we were when I was growing up. Instead of talking about fat, calories and carbs, this weekend I was on stage with a farm-to-table chef and a RD talking about the pleasures of eating Real Food and how there really is no benefit in depriving yourself of foods you love.

At Brand Camp I’ll tell the story of how I was able to use free online tools (thank you WordPress, Twitter and Facebook for supporting this starving grad student) to share my passion for eating well and change thousands of lives for the better. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Shauna Ahern, aka Gluten-Free Girl, who is working on a project that embodies the progress that has been made in both of these realms.

Gluten-free may seem like the latest health fad, but for those with Celiac disease and real wheat intolerance gluten-free isn’t optional. Shauna has Celiac disease, but hasn’t let it stop her from enjoying food and baking for her beautiful family.

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