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Let’s Start TwEating!

by | Dec 14, 2008

Curious what I eat everyday? Follow me on Twitter!

Lately I’ve been investigating all these social media websites and wondered what to do with the Twitter phenomenon. For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a networking service that revolves around the simple question, “What are you doing?”

In short, Twitter uses what is called a “Status Update” to let your friends know what you are up to and what you care about right now.

The beauty of Twitter is its simplicity, but this is also what makes it challenging to use as a tool. It is almost impossible to give too much information on Twitter, so whatever you communicate has to be simple and concise. Another term for Tweeting is “microblogging.”

So I asked myself, what am I doing?

Since my primary concerns are food and science, what I am usually doing is thinking about and eating food! I believe that what you eat can vastly improve your quality of life through great taste and better health, and I built this blog because I want to show you all how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. But I still often get questions about my personal habits and what I might do in certain situations.

To this end I have started Tweeting everything I eat, a term I refer to as TwEating.

If you do not use Twitter this may sound like a big time commitment, but it is actually a ridiculously small amount of work. Twitter only allows 140 characters to express yourself, so these TwEats are not very detailed and only take up seconds of my time.

What will be interesting, however, will be the archive that is created as a result of constant TwEating. You will be able to follow patterns and trends, and see firsthand how often we really have birthdays (and cake!) in the lab.

I hope you follow along and share your TwEating adventures as well. Some of you may be doing it already….

My Twitter profile is @summertomato.

In addition to TwEats, I also occasionally Tweet food-related news and science articles that I do not feel like writing entire blog posts about. Believe it or not, a lot goes through my brain that never makes it to SummerTomato. You can now find the overflow on Twitter.

What do you think about TwEating? Will you join me?

Bon Appetweet!

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