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UPDATE: Cheese-filled Bacon Blanket And Meat Cake

by | Jan 29, 2009

UPDATE: New York Times embraces the bacon blanket!

I saw this story a few days ago, but it is now the most emailed story in the New York Times Dining section so I have no choice but to update this post.

Apparently someone decided to take the bacon blanket to new heights by filling it not with cheese, but with more pork. (This pic is their work, not mine).

Is this the most brilliant stroke of genius of 2009?

This writer says yes.


Here’s my original post:

I know I usually post wonderful, healthy recipes for you guys but sometimes it is just as valuable to see the opposite.

They call it a “Bacon and Cheese Roll,” but I think the name sells this creation short by not specifying that they actually weaved bacon slices together to form a bacon blanket.

Part of me believes this could actually kill you on the spot.
I mean, I love bacon and I love cheese, but I look at this and think only one thing:
And because there is no limit to the perversity of some imaginations, here is a three layer meat cake for your viewing pleasure. (Click the link to fresh99 for the recipe).
Let it be known that the frosting is mashed potatoes and the filling is ketchup and worcestershire sauce.
I can understand a nice steak every now and then, but a slice of meat cake?
Once again I have to ask…. Why?
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