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How to Troubleshoot Your Digestive Problems

by | Sep 11, 2017

Amber has been on and off elimination diets for months. After a long battle with all sorts of painful digestive issues she struggles to pinpoint exactly what she is eating that causes this.

She has educated herself well on how these diets work and takes them very seriously. But after weeks of food restriction, analysis and no results, Amber is frustrated.

This frustration not only causes her to lose hope and motivation to continue with the diet, but is now also causing her to binge on junk food.

Amber knows deep down she is not a binge eater and that this is a reaction to her months of struggles. She has tried to eat slower and more mindfully, but nothing seems to be working.

Having battled with digestive issues myself I offer Amber advice on what has worked for me and help motivate her to get back on track.

Together we formulate a plan so that she can get off the elimination diet for good and start enjoying her meals again pain free.

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