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Farmers Market Update: Charentais Melons

by | Jul 19, 2009
Charentais Melons

Charentais Melons

I did not buy much today at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market because I will be out of town for much of the week. One thing I did get though is one of these small, fragrant charentais melons from The Peach Farm.

If you have never had a charentais I highly recommend you try one this summer. Their scent is intoxicating, like a mix of cataloup and passion fruit. At first taste they seem to resemble a cantaloup, but you quickly notice that their flavor is much more complex and floral than any cataloup you’ve ever had.

Charentais melons are one of my favorite summer treats.

What are you loving at the farmers market right now? Do you have a favorite pluot or berry that you wait for all summer? Use the comments as an open thread to share your summer fruit secrets.

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