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How a Former Bodybuilder Learned to Stop Obsessing Over Food

by | May 1, 2017

Adrienne has been dieting since she was 18 years old, but it wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she got into bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is incredibly strict when it comes to food intake, with several months at a time being very intense.

For Adrienne this led to an extreme obsession over food. She would spend day and night thinking about the burger she would eat for her weekly cheat meal and was always thinking about the next thing should would be allowed to eat in three hours.

As she realized that her hobby was negatively affecting both her mental health and her personal relationships, she decided to stop training. Yet this wasn’t enough to completely break her food obsession.

In this episode Adrienne shares how she slowly learned to get back in touch with her body and reform her relationship with food. Anyone who has had experience with intense dieting or especially body building will certainly relate.

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