How to Maintain Your Cooking Habit During a Busy Work Week

by | Aug 14, 2017

One of the hardest things about making your healthy habits stick is finding ways to do them when you are very tired, stressed or busy.

Randi is a school teacher, which means that in the summertime she has more free time to focus on her healthstyle. During that time, she enjoys making delicious and healthy meals for herself and her family.

However, when school is back in session she no longer has the luxury of a full day to plan her meals, which leaves her feeling stressed about what she is going to make for dinner each night. This pressure causes her to avoid cooking altogether, substituting snacks for a proper meal on the weeknights.

As a breast cancer survivor Randi’s health is of the utmost importance to her. She knows that cooking nutritious meals each week is necessary to maintain her weight and stay in good health.

Luckily for Randi she has all of the tools she needs in order to achieve her cooking goal. By acknowledging some of her limiting beliefs and finding ways to work around them we come up with a strategy that enables her to cook healthy meals year-round.

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One Response to “How to Maintain Your Cooking Habit During a Busy Work Week”

  1. Laura says:

    It sounds (from personal experience) that you have some anxiety which makes you have a problem with making decisions and have a lack of self confidence. I think a baby step to not using recipes as rigidly could be to make a marinade or two or spice rub that you like and make a big batch at the beginning of the week and pick proteins that go with it. You could even use it for salad dressing or veggie marinade.

    I like to make veggie hash at the end of the week with all left overs which is an easy way to start going more off recipe. Also if you make something extra like a whole chicken and have it in the freezer (pulled chicken could be for tacos, or bbq, soup, or casseroles etc) if you mess up on something there is a very quick fix. Soups (and legumes like Darya mentioned) are good ways of using up left over veggies and protein. I also keep canned tuna or chicken and frozen veggies on hand for emergencies. I find frozen foods I like more (peas, Brussel sprouts) and get canned or fresh of things I don’t (corn mostly). Its hard to just eat seasonally when you live someplace cold.

    Sometimes I will just get the precut veggie trays from the store just to have food to graze on if I know its one of those weeks. And I think having something healthy for a 3:30 snack is good too, could just be fruit or veg. I know that helps me when I get home to focus and not graze.

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