How to Avoid Drinking Too Much In Social Situations

by | Jun 12, 2017

A couple of times a month Polly is expected to go out for drinks with her coworkers. This is part of the company culture and a great opportunity to bond with her team. Plus, she really enjoys it and finds it to be an overall rewarding experience.

The problem is that at these events Polly finds herself drinking three to four times more alcohol than she normally would. This frustrates her because it is out of character and not aligned with her healthstyle values.

In her normal life Polly has no problem stopping after one or two drinks and the rest of her healthstyle is very strong. She eats mindfully, cooks every day, exercises, and gets plenty of sleep.

Polly has tried to talk herself into drinking less at work events without success. As soon as she arrives anxiety and excitement kick in and she feels the urge to match her coworkers drink for drink, making sure no one’s glass is ever empty.

While all over-indulgence habits are hard to break, binge drinking is particularly tough since alcohol inhibits your ability to make good decisions. It is important to remember in these cases that small actions can lead to big results over time and to have patience with yourself when you aren’t perfect.

In this episode, Polly and I discover what her triggers are and I share with her some tricks that have helped me drink less in social situations. We also develop strategies she can use to alter her behavior through trial and error, instead of setting strict rules to follow. This encourages her to approach her situation with a new and more realistic outlook.

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2 Responses to “How to Avoid Drinking Too Much In Social Situations”

  1. Taylor Reed says:

    For me, I really don’t want to stress myself with drinking. Although I have friends who really drink a lot I know how to limit myself. That’s what they called peer pressure but I have my own life. I must be lucky for having self-control.

  2. Merel says:

    Ohhhh, this is só recognisable! Thanks so much for the podcast, very helpful, since I struggle with social drinking a lot as well. Good to know I’m not the only one.

    One trick that helps for me is to always order double drinks: the drink I want (usually white wine for me) and a soda water. Or I’ll order a big bottle of soda water for the table.

    I find that it is about the movement of drinking as well: the heaving of the glass and mirroring behaviour of your company. So I’ll keep two glasses in front of me. That way, a lot of the times I go for my glass, it takes just a tiny amount of willpower to grab the sodawater instead of the wine. I end up pounding away liters of water on a night out, haha!

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