How to Develop Confidence In Your Ability Get Healthy

by | May 22, 2017

You can probably name several barriers in your life that feel like they are preventing you from getting healthy or achieving your goals, but the biggest ones are always mental.

Confidence in particular has an insidious ability to undermine your motivation, making it feel like nothing you can do actually matters since no matter what you try you’ll always be stuck in the same place. Logically you may know that if you don’t try or do something different it isn’t likely things will change, but when all your actions feel futile this knowledge has little power to help.

Lack of confidence keeps you feeling stuck and overwhelmed, and it is one of the most common symptoms of someone who has tried for years to lose weight or get healthy without lasting success. It’s like a Catch-22, you can’t succeed with action. And you can’t take action without the confidence that comes from success.

Or is that too a limiting belief?

In this episode, Leslie tells the story of how several small wins in her life built up trust in her process and confidence in her ability to overcome healthstyle obstacles. This meant shedding several limiting beliefs she had about what it means to feel confident, as well as what success really looks like.

Leslie’s story covers several decades of obstacles, including both failures and successes, as well as what being healthy means for her today. Her story is wonderful illustration of what it means to build confidence and trust your process when it comes to health.

Wish you had more time to listen to the podcast? I use an app called Overcast (no affiliation) to play back my favorite podcasts at faster speeds, dynamically shortening silences in talk shows so it doesn’t sound weird. It’s pretty rad.


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6 Responses to “How to Develop Confidence In Your Ability Get Healthy”

  1. Lex says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for your podcasts. And thank you, Leslie, for sharing your experience and new understandings. What a journey we are all on! Goodness, I have a poem I just wrote yesterday that nods toward many sentiments in this podcast but I will spare you. 🙂

  2. Ruth Griffin says:

    Darya & Leslie , Thankyou so much for another wonderful podcast . So much really helpful stuff from both of you , I feel as if some barriers are coming down for me , and it’s being helped along by wonderful, kind , insightful podcasts like this one . I’m feeling so much hope and positivity.

  3. lisa says:

    Due to modern lifestyle, junk foods we often neglect our health. Thanks for the inspiration. I like your podcast.

  4. Nicole says:

    I love your podcasts, so helpful! You’re so positive and encouraging.

  5. Sarah says:

    Darya, I realize this was not at all the point, but I loved hearing you say you’re not into yoga. I don’t like it at all (I’ve tried, it’s just not my thing), and I think you’re the first wellness-type person I’ve come across who agrees with me. It was very gratifying!

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