How to Stop Bingeing After Going Out With Friends

by | May 15, 2017

Becky is normally a healthy eater and exercises regularly. She isn’t overweight, but would love to lose a few pounds. She also knows that if she stopped her periodic binges the weight would likely take care of itself.

Becky has also read Foodist and Summer Tomato, and knows that dieting isn’t a good strategy and that she has a tendency to moralize her food choices in a way that undermines her efforts. Yet she doesn’t know how to stop and continues trying to use willpower to both change her beliefs and stop her bingeing, which clearly is not working. She often finds herself bingeing at night after going out with her husband and friends, consuming thousands of calories at a time and feeling horrible the next day.

Knowing that your beliefs are counterproductive isn’t enough to change them, and willpower isn’t the answer. Reshaping your beliefs is difficult and you can hear in Becky’s voice how hard it is for her internalize the idea that pleasure is a valid reason to eat. Her experience to date has only shown her that she loses control around these foods and feels bad afterward, so it is almost impossible for her to see at this stage how a middle ground is possible.

In this episode I help Becky recognize the fundamental limitations of her approach and develop a strategy to start to unravel her rigid belief that she should only eat for fuel and nutrition. There are multiple issues she needs to work on, but she’ll have a much greater chance at success with this new approach.

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5 Responses to “How to Stop Bingeing After Going Out With Friends”

  1. Dawny says:

    I really resignate with this episode. I’m so thankful for your guests that share their story, and also that you share your talent of helping people work thru their struggles. I listen to all your podcasts. And typically find a lot of aha moments in them. So thankful and appreciative

  2. Ruth Griffin says:

    Darya, that podcast is awesome!! Thankyou so much . I can totally relate to Becky and listening to the podcast has helped me so much . I didn’t think I moralise my food choices but this has really made me think and I see that I have been doing so . Another brilliant , insightful , and helpful podcast .
    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  3. Kylie says:

    This is my number one problem when I go out! Thanks for the share, will be sure to use your advice.

  4. Leigh Schroeder says:

    This is a great episode. The idea of “enjoying the journey” has never resonated with me for some reason, I have always wanted to arrive. But today it clicked for whatever reason.

    Darya, can you share what workout gloves you’re using? I don’t lift especially heavy weights so I’m sure I’ll feel douchey in them, but I’m getting callouses!

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