How a Mindset Shift Helped Sarah Lose Weight After Having Children

by | Mar 6, 2017

With her first pregnancy, Sarah felt a lot of pressure from her doctor to restrict her eating to avoid weight gain and other adverse consequences to her baby. However, she found that abiding by these rules was virtually impossible for her, given how her body responded to hunger and fatigue while she was pregnant. This led to both extra stress and shame.

Even though she was warned she might have gained too much weight, Sarah found that losing weight and making better food choices was much easier after the baby was born. So when her second pregnancy came around, she decided to take a less strict approach.

This mindset shift enable Sarah to reclaim her ability to manage her own health (and sanity) on her own terms and at her own pace. While this may sound small, it is an incredibly empowering act that snowballs into a successful healthstyle.

When guilt and shame are motivators and you feel like you can never do enough, most people will respond by doing less for their own self-care, not more. Sarah’s approach bypasses this shame cycle and enabled her to lose her baby weight in a way she could manage.

Sarah also has some Jedi mindtricks for getting her kids to eat what she serves them, along with some great tips and tricks for keeping her own healthstyle on track.

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3 Responses to “How a Mindset Shift Helped Sarah Lose Weight After Having Children”

  1. Jo says:

    I love this episode so much! Sarah is the best!

  2. I’m so glad I found you! I heard you on the Science of Success podcast and I cannot wait to read more about your non-diet philosophy..this podcast with Sarah was fantastic, I related so much to her story, especially since when I was pregnant my doctor told me to ONLY eat vegetables which made me want to just eat cheeseburgers, which left me 60+ pounds overweight- since then, I’ve done every diet on the planet with no success- thank you for the information you are putting out in the world- can’t wait to hear more!

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