How Graham Lost 60 Lbs Without Dieting and Has Kept It Off for 4 Years

by | Jan 23, 2017

Graham started his foodist journey back in 2013 when he borrowed a galley copy of Foodist I had given to a friend. He had just decided to try and start getting healthy and by eating more Real Food, cutting back on processed foods, and being more active he proceeded to lose 40 lbs in a couple of months.

Four years later Graham is now down 60 lbs from his original weight, defying the odds of a dieting industry that has a 95% failure rate. Today we talk about how he got started and how is journey has progressed to allow him to maintain a foodist lifestyle for good.

I interviewed Graham back in 2013 when he first got started (link below), so this is a follow up to that success story and a look into what long-term weight loss maintenance looks like.

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2 Responses to “How Graham Lost 60 Lbs Without Dieting and Has Kept It Off for 4 Years”

  1. Stephanie Alaine says:

    This was one of my favorite podcasts yet!

    Graham was so…human…and hearing about his lasting healthstyge changes, especially seeing himself differently, reminded me that there is a process of change that we go through that is undeniably intertwined with our identity. And, that we all start somewhere but a focus on what we want (rather than what we don’t want or have to avoid to get what we want) keeps propelling us forward.

    “ever forward, but slowly.” (von blucher)

    Such a great story to share, Graham! Keep it up.

    Also- can you share the link to his original debut on the podcast (or video cast?).

  2. Stephanie Alaine says:

    ugh- sorry, i see the link. DOH!

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