FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD: Beans are more satisfying than meat, anxiety means you’re smart, and the latest science on sugar & health

by | Dec 16, 2016

For the Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup. 

This week beans are more satisfying than meat, anxiety means you’re smart, and the latest science on sugar and health.

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Links of the week

  • One Weight-Loss Approach Fits All? No, Not Even Close <<I really appreciate the spirit of this article, and I agree that a major reason weight loss treatments are statistically ineffective is because different people require different solutions. Still drives me nuts that she focuses on drugs and surgery without ever mentioning psychology though. Le sigh. (NY Times)
  • Beans and peas increase fullness more than meat <<This absolutely matches my experience, and is one of the reasons I encourage you to eat more legumes if weight loss is one of your goals. (ScienceDaily)
  • Why Psychologists Say Anxiety Is the ‘Shadow’ of Intelligence <<Anxiety has been coming up a lot lately as one of the factors that prompts overeating. It is tempting to vilify it as a negative emotion, but likely you developed it as a coping mechanism that has helped you in some way. Learning to appreciate the value in even negative emotions can help you mindfully accept them rather than overreact to them, which is the secret to reducing their power. (NY Mag)
  • “EAT LESS MOVE MORE” IS BULLSHIT <<I say pretty much the same thing in Foodist. Advice that isn’t actionable is pointless or worse, adds guilt and shame to an already complex problem. (Body for Wife)
  • The Sugar Wars <<Looks like Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, has a new book out. This review by The Atlantic is pretty solid and nuanced. The gist is that Taubes seems to have turned his attention to sugar as the cause of what ails us rather than carbohydrates as an entire category, which I certainly appreciate. Still the science is far from unequivocal, and the conclusion in the final three paragraphs is right on.
  • The Freaky Food Chain Behind Your Lobster Dinner <<It seems to me much easier to trace your food chain on land than it does on sea. Interesting article here about the lobster industry. (NY Times)
  • Is Fermented Tea Making People Feel Enlightened Because of … Alcohol? <<Did you know you could get carded for buying kombucha?! LOL (The Atlantic)
  • June Oven Review: Can Artificial Intelligence Beat Mom’s Home Cooking? <<Silicon Valley is finally trying to enter our kitchens. While pricey, this oven actually seems pretty cool and compact enough to realistically fit in a tight kitchen. Will be interesting to watch where this technology heads. (Disclosure: one of the founders is a friend). (WSJ)
  • Thai Butternut Squash Soup <<A fun twist on this winter staple makes Thai-inspired cooking feel less daunting. (Healthy Locavore)
  • Grow Food <<I wasn’t sure this rap about healthy eating from kids in Minneapolis would speak to me, but I found myself mesmerized. (Appetite for Change)

What inspired you this week?

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7 Responses to “FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD: Beans are more satisfying than meat, anxiety means you’re smart, and the latest science on sugar & health”

  1. CreLa says:

    Omg it’s reincarnation of hot cheetos and takis! <3 watch that to understand this

  2. Polly Owens says:

    that vid is AMAZING.

  3. These information are useful for me. Thanks for your share. PS: the video is interesting.

  4. Will Henss says:

    Inspiring post here Darya! I must agree with the earlier comments that the video is really inspiring. I also started my own little garden. Container gardening as what they call it. Growing basic food help a lot in living a healthier lifestyle. It can also help in a having more savings.

  5. sujata says:

    anxiety means you’re smart, that’s a good one.

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