How to Stop Overeating When Emotional Eating Combines With Food Moralizing

by | Oct 3, 2016


Over the years Saba has learned to eat healthy by cutting down on processed foods. But her new healthstyle has caused her to forego nearly all the foods she loved as a child since she has moralized them as “bad and unhealthy.” Now she uses her “good behavior” to justify overeating “healthier” snacks like nuts, even though she eats so much she feels sick afterward. It’s a cycle she would like to break.

Saba’s issue combines both food moralizing and emotional eating, which makes both issues more complex and difficult to unravel. Together we come up with a plan for her to move forward.

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2 Responses to “How to Stop Overeating When Emotional Eating Combines With Food Moralizing”

  1. Polly Owens says:

    While all of your Foodist podcasts are great and I always get something out of them, this by far has been the most relatable and most helpful one yet!

    I myself have fallen into the trap of thinking of foods as “good” vs “bad”, to the point where I’d obsessively tally how many servings of each I had each week. Life is so much better after I’ve learned to let go!

  2. Cassie T says:

    This is why I love you, Darya! You dig into WHY we feel certain ways around food and make us reevaluate our reasoning. It sounds silly when you say it out load, but accepting that the crappy piece of cake sitting out(or the tub of biscotti ;)) doesn’t have to be / isn’t going to be the last sugary thing you eat is a HUGE mindset shift. It took me a really long time to get away from moralizing my food choices (and still catch myself doing it sometimes), but once I did that’s what helped me most to stop feeling stressed about food. Your ‘How to Eat Half a Donut’ helped a lot with that… though it took several reads and about a year for me to finally feel the same way.
    Good luck, Saba! The mindset shift is the hardest (& most rewarding) part.

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