How Mark Used a Foodist Mindset to Get Healthy and Lose 70 lbs

by | Sep 25, 2016


I call it adding life into living.

When Mark realized his poor eating habits had been left unchecked for too long, he decided it was time to start taking his health seriously. Besides having gained a significant amount of weight, he was also suffering from digestive problems and low energy. To address these issues he decided to focus on Real Foods and cut most processed foods from his daily habits.

Mark’s process was pretty simple. He got rid of the processed foods from his house, started eating breakfast daily, cut out all alcohol except tequila (!), and started cooking most of his meals at home.

Over the course of one year Mark was able to restore his energy, fix his stomach problems and lose 70 lbs, all while launching a new company. He also saved money by buying less prepared food and developed a deep love of vegetables and cooking.

What is interesting about Mark’s story is not so much the specific changes he made as his approach to solving problems. For instance, instead of seeing cooking as a chore, he uses it as an opportunity to listen to podcasts and strengthen his business knowledge while taking care of his health at the same time. He approaches everything with curiosity and an opportunity to learn, so he’s never bored and actually enjoys the process.

This foodist mindset is a pattern for Mark, and his positive and flexible outlook is the main reason for his success.

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One Response to “How Mark Used a Foodist Mindset to Get Healthy and Lose 70 lbs”

  1. Kelsey says:

    You were so right, Darya. You & Mark had me grinning the entire interview!

    So glad you are back to podcasting. I love having your grounded perspective as a touchstone amidst the crazy advice and extreme 30-day-challenges that seem to be circulating now.

    I found your site a year ago thanks to delicata squash, and have never been healthier, happier, or saner. Thank you!!!!

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