How Can Cailey Motivate Herself to Bring Her Lunch to Work?

by | May 23, 2016


As a grad student, Cailey knows how important it is to bring her lunch to work instead of buying something on campus. Not only would she eat healthier, she’d also save a lot of money.

Her problem is she has trouble motivating herself to prep healthy lunches every day. And even when she manages to bring something, it is usually unsatisfying so she’s not inspired to bring her lunch again.

Although this is a straightforward problem, there are several subtle mental and logistical blocks Cailey identifies that have kept her from adopting this habit, including limited kitchen facilities at work. We help her find solutions to these barriers and I also offer some cooking tips that will make her meals more fun and satisfying.

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3 Responses to “How Can Cailey Motivate Herself to Bring Her Lunch to Work?”

  1. Kelly-Jo says:

    This was my favourite podcast to date! Cailey is very articulate in expressing a struggle that I am sure is common to so many. Thank you so much for the ideas.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Cailey, at the 4 minute mark you said that, even if you feel full you still feel deprived in other ways.

    I think your body is craving fats to feel satiated and to help absorb the nutrients from the veggies that you’re eating. Maybe try eating options with more olive oil, or butter, or whole-fat dairy such as a whole-milk yogurt.

    I’d also suggest adding sauces such as a hot sauce or mustard, made with all-natural ingredients of course. These may contain a bit of sugar but the flavor boost and added variety is a worthwhile tradeoff, I believe. You hit on that at the 8m15 mark and I think you’re on the right track there.

    Freezing bulk-made foods might help give you wider variety to pick from as well.

    Best of luck and let us know how it’s coming along!

  3. LoriM says:

    Really good tips here; I like the one about thinking about lemon, herbs, etc. while at the grocery store.

    Also considering the different ethnic flavors of foods and using those with different blank canvases – great idea.

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