FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD: Splenda linked to cancer, fish reduces Alzheimer’s risk, and winter tomatoes get respect

by | Feb 12, 2016
For the Love of Food

For the Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup. 

This week Splenda linked to cancer, fish reduces Alzheimer’s risk, and winter tomatoes get respect.

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7 Responses to “FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD: Splenda linked to cancer, fish reduces Alzheimer’s risk, and winter tomatoes get respect”

  1. Dave says:

    Ok, Darya.
    The Splenda article states that we should avoid Splenda, and essentially all artificial sweeteners. OTOH, the article states that the dangers from sugar is exponentially worse.

    As a chemist, what is YOUR assessment of what we can use, and why?

    Last year, coffee was bad for you; today those same researchers say that coffee is good for you. Same with eggs, butter, etc. Examples ad nauseum. It seems that we cannot trust anyone for more than one minute.

    It reminds me of the George Carlin statement: ‘As if we do not have enough to worry about, research now shows that saliva can kill you…but only if swallowed in small amounts over an extended period of time’. At least I can trust this statement…

    • Darya Rose says:

      Good question. I have many problems with Splenda, the biggest of which is that it seems to induce more (not fewer) cravings for sweet things. I don’t touch the stuff, but not because I’m worried about cancer.

      • Jana says:

        I have recently done a lot of research on artificial sweeteners. I understand they cause you to crave real sugar and have been proven to cause increased caloric intake, but nothing is as convincing as the patients I see every day. I do testing that requires my patients to drink a soda and I can predict, with at least a 90% accuracy, their choice of diet or regular soda. Almost every obese person chooses the diet soda. I wouldn’t recommend the regular soda either due to all the ingredients I can’t pronounce and calories, but it has to be better than the diet sodas. As for me, I will stay far away from both…….

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Darya, I stopped using Splenda a few years ago because of it’s Association with disturbing your gut bacteria. I have irritable bowel syndrome him and have had several bouts of SIBO. I do use pure Stevia on a daily basis in small amounts. The brand I use is new naturals, white Stevia powder. I would be very I interested in your opinion of this product and whether or not you feel it is safe to use. Thank you

  3. The says:

    I dont think I can take anything seriously that was written by someone who doesn’t apparently know flouride is a neurotoxin. A neurologist you are? With a Phd? Are you kidding me? I went to medschool too, and at least O know. Couldn’t come up with any compelling evidence? Yeah right. The evidence is all over the place, and there is heaps of data, in articles in Nexus magazine for example (many of which are written by actual scientists). Just cause you’re apparently lazy to think outside of the box by looking at papers other than mainstream journals doesn’t mean there’s not any compelling evidence. Clearly you’re smart enough to finish med school, but apparently not smart enough to know flouride is a neurotoxin? And that it not only doesnt help teeth, bit it actually makes them worse. What about the African tribes who have flawless, white teeth – have they ever used flouride. This whole thing is a circus, when this misinformation and propaganda gets spread over and over it can really frustrate people and drive them to write harsh messages like I’m doing now. This misinformation and ignorance needs to stop! There is proper, scientific reaearch stating flouride damages teeth and that it is a neurotoxin. Think it’s false? Go do proper research this time and actually hear out the other side for once. How can a doctor be balanced if he only knows or chooses to know one side and not the other?

  4. The says:

    And by the way, most fish increase risk of Alzheimers, not decrease it, because these days the oceans are full of mercury. Even if you eat farmed fish they are full of dioxins abd PCBs which are all hugely toxic. So the only way eating fish can reduce Alzheimers possibly is by catching them near the source of a river, in the mountains. You should have been aware of this, in preparation for writing this article.

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