Foodist Approved: Veggies for Breakfast

by | Dec 3, 2014
veggies for breakfast

veggies for breakfast

I went an entire day without eating a single vegetable––and to think I claim to be a healthy eater. But between working and caring for a 5-month old, it just happened.

(OK, there was something resembling a vegetable on the takeout pizza we had for dinner, but I don’t count that.)

I definitely felt off without my beloved veggies. Maybe it was all in my head, but the next day I found myself craving green things for breakfast.

So then I had a breakthrough. Why not eat vegetables for breakfast?

Lucky for me I had a bowl of colorful leftover roasted root veggies waiting in the fridge. I warmed them up and lightly fried two eggs, making sure to keep the soul-satisfying yolk runny. Then I flipped the eggs on top of the veggies and added a couple grinds of salt and pepper.

It ended up being the most deliciously satisfying start to my day––and definitely worthy of sharing with you. Hopefully you’ll be roasting a big tray of your favorite roots this winter––and if you’re extra lucky there will be leftovers that you can salvage for breakfast.

Fried Eggs and Roots


Heat up the leftover roasted vegetables. If you don’t have any leftovers, you can follow this Curried Roasted Roots recipe and skip the dressing.

While the vegetables are warming, heat the butter in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat.

Crack each egg into a separate ramekin or small bowl. Once the butter is melted and starts to sizzle, drop each egg into separate sides of the pan.

Cook for one minute then use a spatula to swiftly flip each egg over (or if you’re talented just use the skillet and a flick of the wrist to flip the eggs).

Sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook for an additional minute or until the whites are opaque.

Serve on top of the veggies with salt and pepper if needed.

Elyse Kopecky is a food writer, recipe developer, whole foods advocate, and marketing consultant. After 10 years working for Nike and EA Sports, Elyse decided to pursue her passion for talking about and writing about food. She went to NYC to study culinary nutrition at the Natural Gourmet Institute and has taken cooking classes throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Follow Elyse’s adventures in the kitchen @ElyseKopecky.

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9 Responses to “Foodist Approved: Veggies for Breakfast”

  1. Casi Newell says:

    I love veggies in my breakfast. When a nutritionist suggested aiming for making 1/2 of every meal veggies, I cringed at the idea of polluting my favorite meal with romaine lettuce (thinking that romaine lettuce is the only vegetable there is). Then I discovered this vegetable (fruit?) called “tomato” (tow-may-tow). Now, every breakfast, I have a whole tomato diced, two fried eggs (runny yolks all the way!), and maybe some cheese or a spoonful of amaranth. It’s delicious, and now I just don’t feel “right” unless I’ve had something vegetably in the morning.

  2. Kristen says:

    Simple and yummy!

  3. We eat vegetables for breakfast almost every day … can’t say I’m the cook 90% of the time though.

  4. Sherry Abdou says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m going to try that using roasted kamboucha squash I have leftover and add 2 poached eggs ….bet it’s very satisfying.

  5. Suzanne says:

    You’ve taken away all my excuses! Just kidding- I have struggled through what vegetables I can add to breakfast, but it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Thank you for the simplicity!

  6. timothina says:

    After a car accident damaged my frontal lobe (impulse control), I had a very hard time controlling my weight. I found that I had to feed myself things that were healthy and satisfying. One of my favorite foods is eggs florentine. Take away the hollandaise and muffin and you have spinach with an egg on top. I prefer kale to spinach, so breakfast is kale & onions with an egg on top. I am satisfied, and I am having an easier time controlling my weight.

  7. S says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting to read a post like yours about veggies for breakfast. Veggies cooked with eggs is a terrific breakfast.

    In Israel, we eat salad at every meal including breakfast. I have a diced tomato and cucumber with cottage cheese or hummus just about every morning. Filling, satisfying, and gives me 2 veggie servings by 8 am.

  8. Nikki says:

    My two favorite breakfast these days are roasted squash with feta and a little roasted chicken or sauteed cabbage or bok-choy with soysauce and an egg.

  9. Margaret says:

    Great website, I’m glad I found it

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