Counting Calories vs Healthy Eating, Pescatarians, and Loose Leaf Tea Recommendations – Episode 18 – Summer Tomato Live

by | Feb 13, 2012

Tune in here at 6pm PST for a live chat with me about food, health and what I’ve been doing for the past month and a half.

To participate click the red “Join event” button and login with Twitter or your Vokle account. The show is now open and free to everyone, so no password is necessary.

I encourage you to call in with video questions, particularly if your question is nuanced and may involve a back and forth discussion. Please use headphones to call in however, or the feedback from the show is unbearable.

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6 Responses to “Counting Calories vs Healthy Eating, Pescatarians, and Loose Leaf Tea Recommendations – Episode 18 – Summer Tomato Live”

  1. charisma enam says:

    Hi Darya,
    I just missed this amazing show:( I have a quick question regarding cooking beans. As a student, my go to bean recipe is adding tomatoes, olive oil cilantro(found in one of your shows and its amazing), but I got tired of eating the same thing. Is there another easy quick recipe of beans that you cooked when you were a student?

    • Darya Pino says:

      Just play around with different veggies, herbs and spices. I like carrots, radish, parsley, zatar (arabic spice mix), paprika, cucumber, mint, etc. Always olive oil and a little lemon or vinegar.

    • Jason says:

      Try Spannellini

      Spannellini is a gluten free concoction I made up to satisfy my spanakopita cravings. It’s basically cannellini beans mixed with a flavorful creamed spinach. I serve it as a bed for roast lamb but it is complete enough to be a stand alone meatless meal.

      The filling mix consists of spinach, garlic, dill and feta cheese sauteed together in olive oil. The liquid from the spinach mixes with the meted feta to make a sauce that goes great with earthy flavor of the beans. It’s real simple to make but you need the jumbo bag of baby spinach. It cooks down to nothing and you may not have enough if you are cooking for more than two people.

  2. Good to see you’ve got the internet back up and running!

    I just wanted to respond to the question about Ensure. The top ingredients are water and sugar, the same as soda. Most of their flavors contain about 20g of sucrose per 8oz can.

    While it does provide vitamins and minerals, I’ve stopped drinking them because of the high amount of sugar. It may be ok for temporary use but I’d say you’d get a much healthier source of nutrients making your own protein shakes with fruits and veggies at home.

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