For The Love Of Food

by | Jul 15, 2011

For The Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup.

Before we get started I want to announce that I’ll be speaking on a panel at BlogHer11. Woohoo! The panel is on Saturday, August 6, and is titled Your Blog Can Make You A Local Hero. Let me know if you’re going to be there, I’d love to say hi.

This week the media is still missing the point about sodium, Campbell’s soup doesn’t care one way or the other, and why you should be eating more sea vegetables.

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7 Responses to “For The Love Of Food”

  1. RJ says:

    Dara- When I was Dx with Hashimodo’s thyroiditis, I was told, and often read that I need to avoid sea vegetables, BECAUSE of the iodine…..I thought that was nuts- and I kept eating mine- and once I stabilized after the first 6 mo post Dx, I have never changed my levels (going on 6yr)- even though my thyroid should be functioning less and less. Do you have thoughts on why this recommendation is made when sea veg is so good for us?

    • Darya Pino says:

      Hi RJ,

      I’m not an MD, but I know they get very little nutrition training (like 2 hours total). If you’re skeptical of a Dr’s recommendation you can always find another.


    • Darya Pino says:

      Hi RJ,

      In poking around in the science literature I found this about iodine toxicity today. It seems in some cases iodine can make symptoms worse, though this is rare.

      Maybe this is what your doctor was worried about? But if you’re stable I would keep doing whatever you’re doing.


  2. Karen B. says:

    I’m interested in omega 3 supplements but don’t know which ones are worth the $$, if they need to be refrigerated, how much to take, etc. Does anyone know this info?
    I do eat omega 3 eggs and milk but I live in the desert and the fish here is always coming from too far to be fresh enough to eat, smells terrible.

    • Darya Pino says:

      I don’t take omega-3 substitutes, but Consumer Labs is the best place to get that kind of info. It may require a subscription, depending how much data you want.

  3. Christie says:

    Pino! Thank you for all of your blog updates and helpful links, I read you religiously and thought it was about time I said… You’re awesome:) Your blog serves as my local-foodie-nerd-health alert and Kris Carr is my other motivator. Maybe you and Carr should arrange a dinner date!

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