Exercise & Weight Loss Live – Episode 7 – Summer Tomato Live [video]

by | May 17, 2011

Big thanks to Travis Saunders and all of you who participated in this episode Exercise & Weight Loss. Everyone really enjoyed the show, and we had some great discussions. Show notes are below.

My apologies that the audio quality is still not ideal, the technical stuff gets a lot more complicated when you add another host (working on it). We also lost about 2 minutes of recording at the end (for an entirely different reason I didn’t anticipate). But all the important points were captured, and you’re welcome to ask any remaining questions you have here in the comments.

The next episode is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24 at 6:30pm PST, and the topic is Weight Loss Tips & Tricks. I’ve extended the free trial and today is the last day to get the first month of Tomato Slice for free.

May 9, 20111 | Think your regular workouts are enough to keep you fit? Wondering if extra time on the treadmill will counter your weekend splurges? Find out why you might be putting your eggs in the wrong basket tonight here at 6:30pm PST on Summer Tomato Live.

Join me and Travis Saunders from the PLoS Obesity Panacea blog. Travis is a Ph.D student studying the effects of sedentary behavior. We’ll be discussing The Role of Exercise In Weight Loss, along with his work and more.

Live participation is only available to subscribers of the newsletter Tomato Slice. You can sign up at any time, even during the show, and the password for participation will be emailed to you immediately.

As a special thanks to Obesity Panacea readers, I’m offering a free trial membership for anyone who signs up by Friday, May 13. You can cancel at any time.

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I encourage you to call in with video questions, particularly if your question is nuanced and may involve a back and forth discussion. Please use headphones to call in however, or the feedback from the show is unbearable.

Show notes:

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5 Responses to “Exercise & Weight Loss Live – Episode 7 – Summer Tomato Live [video]”

  1. Satu says:

    Great show! Thanks for posting it, Darya.

  2. Debra says:

    I also love the interval training. I also don’t do it till I puke! Just really hard for about 1-2 mins. But I feel great doing it and it seems to make me want to do more exercise generally. Perhaps it suits certain people/body types. I’ve always loved sprinting rather than distance and I definitely need cardio. My lungs and heart need a good workout.

  3. I just wanted to say how much I loved this video! I am very interested in health, fitness and good food but have become a bit jaded by all the faddishness and intolerance on these issues. What you and Travis discussed actually made sense. Personally I try to eat fresh, non-processed foods, but as for exercise–I hate it. That is, I hate going to the gym, running, using machines of any sort. The treadmill makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel! However, I love walking my dog, gardening, hiking, yoga, dancing… Although I work a desk job, I hate sitting still and fidget a lot. I guess I loved this post because it validates my lifestyle! (I am a healthy weight and don’t have any major health issues.) Oh, and I agree with Travis on Gary Taubes…I think his (Taubes’) take on things is way too simplistic. After cutting out the processed carbs (good advice for all), I think that people are too different to make generalizations about. (My brother lost A TON of weight last year after joining the gym…just an example). Anyway, thanks for this post!

  4. Sandy says:

    I accidently stumbled on a way to move a bit more at work. I drink a lot of water because I have a (reusable!) bottle directly in front of me at my desk so I end up drinking at least a litre a day, and therefore getting up to go to the bathroom fairly regularly.

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