For The Love of Food

by | Apr 16, 2010

For The Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup.

Tough cuts were made this week. Read about why not liking foods is unnecessary, agave nectar is worse than high-fructose corn syrup and saturated fat is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Oh, and how diets make you gain weight. The list goes on….

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Links of the week

What did you find worth reading this week?

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9 Responses to “For The Love of Food”

  1. When I was 8, my mother made me eat things I didn’t like. I’m not 8 any more, so if I don’t like it, I don’t eat it.

    I figure there are thousands of foods I’ve never tried, and any one of them could turn out to be my favorite. Why should I waste several meals developing a taste for something, when I could be trying brand new things instead?

    • Darya Pino says:

      Haha, I feel ya. But still I think common foods (like broccoli) are worth getting to like because they are encountered so often you may as well enjoy them. Also, learning to like an ingredient like cilantro isn’t just a single food but a universe of new dishes and cuisines. I’m working under the general hypothesis that it’s more fun to like things than dislike things.

      • I hadn’t thought of that, but of course you’re right. If you don’t like cilantro you’re going to have a hard time eating at Mexican restaurants.

        I was thinking of salmon. The way everyone talks about it, I “should” like salmon, but I don’t. I kept trying, thinking, “Maybe they didn’t prepare it well.” Eventually I decided no, I just don’t like it.

        That was kind of an epiphany for me. I’m a grown-up now. I don’t have to eat things I don’t like.

  2. I read the cilantro piece earlier this week since I’m not a big fan. I used to totally despise it though and I’ve come to like it more and more… so I agree with them. I don’t like it as the overwhelming taste but some cilantro in a salsa for example really adds a good flavor.

  3. The Double Down sounds gross, but my honest reaction to it’s nutrition profile was: “That’s not that bad!”

    It is over-hyped and KFC is reaping the rewards.

  4. Angela says:

    Although I love reading your blog and get a lot of great nutrition ideas from you, I am sad that you would promote a hack like Joseph Mercola. The FDA has sent warning letters to this guy about claims he makes, and any doctor who says that cancer is a fungus that can be treated with baking soda should be stripped of his license. Surely a more respectable and actual scientific study on agave nectar would have been better.

  5. Lori says:

    As amused as I’ve been by the folks screaming how bad 55% fructose HFCS is while chugging bottles of agave nectar composed almost entirely fructose, I must second Angela’s description of Mercola. He seems to have stumbled upon a few actual facts this time, but I would be very cautious of what he has to say generally. Some of his notions are actually pretty bad for your health.

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