For The Love of Food

by | Jul 10, 2009
For The Love of Food

For The Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup.

This was yet another great week of reading around the internet! There are a couple articles here following up Wednesday’s post about never eating fast food. I found some great mythbusting about canola oil and saturated fats, and the B.S. of the week is aimed at all grocery stores for embracing the food ranking systems.

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For The Love of Food

  • Fast-food lunches rack up the calories <<Just to reiterate what I meant on Wednesday about never eating fast food. Read this, it’s astounding. (Los Angeles Times)
  • Not much convenience in “convenience foods” <<Speaking of convenience, what are we really gaining with all this junk food anyway? (Grist)
  • Is Canola Oil Healthy? <<There is a ridiculous amount of false health information out there, and people love to defend these myths with zealous fervor. Canola oil is a victim of one such campaign. In this wonderful (and relatively short) podcast the Nutrition Diva herself, Monica Reinagel, sets the record straight on canola oil. (Nutrition Diva)
  • Are Saturated Fats Really All That Bad? <<And while we’re stepping on people’s beliefs, check out Dr. Steve Parker’s well-researched article about saturated fats and their lack of correlation to coronary heart disease. Uh-oh. (Advanced Mediterranean Diet Blog)
  • Food rating systems: Grocery stores roll out nutrition rankings <<B.S. of the week is going to the entire notion of food rating systems. Newsflash: the healthiest foods are in the produce section and don’t have labels. Learn more in this excellent article from the Chicago Tribune.
  • So many diets. Which to choose? <<I adore this post by MizFit describing how she found her path to health. Few people exemplify healthstyle like Miz. (MizFit Online)
  • 5 Gym Benefits You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of <<People who exercise regularly for their entire lives know that the idea of a “good body” or “being healthy” isn’t enough to keep us going back. We workout because it makes us feel better and brings peace and joy to our lives. (Dumb Little Man)
  • 5 diet rules I swear by <<Friday is the perfect time for a little comedy. (a very foodly diary)
  • Fruit Salad With Ginger Syrup <<Just look at this gorgeous stone fruit salad recipe! Ginger and mint seem like the perfect toppings. (Eating Out Loud)
  • How to Handle Kitchen Thieves <<A recent wave of food-related crimes at the lab inspired this link. Most of us deal with an office lunch thief at one time or another. (Lifehacker)

What did I miss? Share your favorite links of the week!

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One Response to “For The Love of Food”

  1. Hannah says:

    Thanks so much for the link love, Darya. As always, I am so impressed by your well-researched content, clean site layout and image quality. And snaps to you for being ranked #1 (+ a babe!) on the “Thoughtful Food Blogs” list.

    H 🙂

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