For The Love of Food

by | Jun 5, 2009
For The Love of Food

For The Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup.

This week learn the best ways to prevent cancer, why Michelle Obama should talk more about cooking and the reason heating oil is not dangerous. Also, catch Eric Schlosser of Fast Food Nation and Food, Inc. on The Colbert Report.

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For The Love of Food

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4 Responses to “For The Love of Food”

  1. Huh. The thing about heating oil always worried me, yet I’d still go ahead and heat oil. Now I can relax!

  2. Katie says:

    Great roundup again, Darya- I liked learning about how to stop cancer, but don’t think I will ever get my BMI less than 25; is there any way around that recommendation?

  3. Kris says:

    I love your round-ups. The fructose article was interesting, and I agree. Yet, HFCS seems to be the ‘secret ingrediant’ of choice in so many items, that I still feel like I have to be vigilant when I’m out shopping–not because it’s any worse than sugar, but because there’s so much more of it in the system. Heck, I bought non-local milk for the first time in months and found HFCS second on the list (after ‘milk’, thankfully) when I thought to check the label after realizing it tasted strange. Live and learn, I guess…and read-before-buying! 🙂

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