Farmers Market Update

by | Dec 20, 2008


Winter solstice is tomorrow, so today was officially the shortest farmers market day of the year. And with Christmas only a few days away, the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market was filled to the brim with holiday cheer.

Here in the City, citrus has almost completely taken over as the most dominant fruit. The market also has lots of hearty greens and herbs, as well as winter squash and root vegetables.

I am going away again this week so I could not make too many purchases. The coolest thing I bought was a Himalayan Black truffle to go with my Eatwell eggs (another first time purchase).

Be very excited!

For those of you who are in to chocolate, Scharffen Berger has a new Brazilian variety that sounds amazing….

Next week I will be in southern California again. I will let you know if I find another good farmers market.

Today’s purchases:
  • Fukushu Kumquats
  • Himalayan black truffle
  • Sierra Beauty apple
  • Gold apple
  • Eatwell egg
  • Padrones
  • Asian pear
  • Midnight Moon cheese
  • Italian plum jam
  • Scharffen Berger chocolate (assorted)
  • Blue Bottle coffee
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7 Responses to “Farmers Market Update”

  1. honest ocelot says:

    yo darya, was fun to see you last night. levende lounge rocked!will attempt tweating (and trinking) while in argentina (william and i leave tomorrow).what the heck is an eatwell egg?lastly, i was browsing sale at anthropologie and came across this book i thought you might dig. It’s called:Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous: A Nutritionist’s Guide to Living Well While Living It Up (2007)

  2. Matt Shook says:

    I used to work with some of the Grain Project folks when I lived down south…unfortunately, I think their farmers market is temporarily closed right now.Mmmm chocolate…Scharffen Berger is pretty good…have you tried the dark stuff from Dagoba (from Ashland, OR) or Terra Nostra?

  3. Mike says:

    So how were the truffles? That is a really cool ingrediant that I think most of us normal followers don’t really have access to, and don’t know how to use. The closest I ever get the the truffle oil from TJs….

  4. Healthyliving says:

    I notice that it seems like you buy Blue-bottle whenever you can- I’m so jealous!

  5. Darya Pino says:

    @honest ocelotCool! Totally TwEat and Trink from Argentina. I’m really jealous. My boss was just TwEating a lot from Cabo over break, killed me! (but in the good way)Eatwell is a local farm around here that sells free-range eggs. They are amazing! I might prefer Soul Food eggs though…Thanks for the book recommendation. When you first mentioned it I thought it was related to the original Eat, Drink and Be Healthy book (one of my favorites of all time), but apparently it isn’t. Will have to check it out!—–@MattMajor bummer it is closed! If you hear of it opening again, please let us know. Most of my family is still near there and would love to go!As for chocolate, Scharffen Berger is definitely my favorite (I could pick it blindly out of a line up with nothing but its aromas). I do love the Dagoba chocolate too though. Until recently, I think they made the best chocolate chips by far. I think I’ve had Terra Nostra, but it slips my mind at the moment.—–@MikeThe truffle was awesome, mushrooms and eggs are one of my favorite combos. Truffle oil is great too though. I recommend it with goat cheese and chives. —–@HealthylivingYou should be! Yummy!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good call on the Dagoba. Its one of my favorites for flavored/spice chocolate.

  7. Matt Shook says:

    @DaryaBig bummer…I was hoping to go there later this week when I was down there…plus, they closed the ghetto Whole Foods in Tustin. The ghetto WF was the best, much smaller and cheaper than the new one in Irvine…which is like all the others nationwide…and I refer to as Whole Paycheck.Well, since Scharffen Berger is located in the Bay Area I think its a regionally appropriate choice for you. Since I’m an organic fiend and live in PDX, Dagoba for me. I’m just glad I have choices besides Hershey and Nestle. ;)@AnonymousHave you ever tried the Xocolatl Hot Chocolate? Damn good stuff…

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