by | Aug 13, 2008

Those of you familiar with Pimientos de Padron surely got a little excited when you saw the title of this post.

I picked up these amazing little peppers this week (as I do almost every week when they’re in season) at Happy Quail Farms at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market because, well, once you’ve had them you are pretty much required to buy them if you ever see them for sale.

Just the other day one of my closest friends and I nearly got into an argument about who loved Padrones more:

“OMG, I LOOOOVE Padrones!”

“Me too.”

“No. I LOOOOOOOVE Padrones!!”

“Me too! I buy them every week!”

“I eat them EVERYDAY!!”

Okay, I can’t compete with that. Maybe you do love Padrones more, but it is almost certainly because you have access to them everyday at work. It is to be expected that your affection for Padrones grows stronger with every serving. Lucky girl!

For those of you unfamiliar with Padrones they are small, thin skinned green peppers that are usually served alone. They are found most often in Spain as a popular tapas dish. Generally Padrones are not spicy and have a rich chili smell and flavor. Generally. About one out of every 10 Padron peppers is really spicy. This makes eating them a little like playing Russian roulette with your tongue. So not only are they absolutely delicious, the gamble you play with every bite makes them one of the most exciting foods you can eat. It is even more fun if have a friend to join in your adventures, but then of course you have to share….

Padrones cook very quickly. To prepare simply heat a pan and add a generous amount of high-quality olive oil until it is shimmering. Place Padrones in the pan (I don’t recommend washing them first because the water makes the oil pop and splatter all over the place) and stir until peppers are covered in oil. Continue stirring every 30 seconds or so until the peppers start to blister and inflate, about 2 minutes. Salt generously with course sea or kosher salt and serve. Be sure to add the entirety of the cooking oil to the serving bowl (it now has a subtle pepper flavor). I like to dip an Acme baguette or pain epi in the oil between bites. The bread also helps dampen the heat if you are the lucky roulette winner.

How much do you love Padrones?

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3 Responses to “Padrones”

  1. Jed Wolpaw says:

    “It’s like playing Russian roulette with your tongue”…I told you cooking and sex were analogous.

  2. Timothy McIntyre says:

    Love padrones! I shared a tapas plate of them on Monday at Cesar, where they nearly always make it onto the daily menu.

  3. Ms. C says:

    I do LOOOOOVVVVE padrones! And I really am lucky to get to eat them EVERYDAY!! I know, you’re jealous…

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