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Foodist Audiobook PDFs

by | Aug 31, 2013


Chapter 2

The Myth of Willpower

9 Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

Chpt 2 PDF


Chapter 3

Healthstyle: A Kinder, Gentler Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

10 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing

Chpt 3 PDF


Chapter 4

Eat Food: Why You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Make Smart Food Decisions

The Top 10 Most Overrated Health Foods

Fishing for Answers: How to Choose Fish and Seafood

The Top 10 Most Underrated Health Foods

Sliced Bread Was Never a Great Invention

Sugar Content of Some Common Food Products

The USDA’s MyPlate

The Foodist’s Plate

Chpt 4 PDF


Chapter 5

Know Thy Food: Two Weeks of Tracking, Because You’re Worth It

Sample Foodist’s Journal

How to Make Your Own Muesli––It’s Stupid Easy

Finding the Courage to Roast a Chicken

10 Simple Goals to Get You Started Eating Healthy

Chpt 5 PDF


Chapter 6

Shopping and Cooking: A Crash Course on Becoming a Kitchen Ninja

10 Reasons You Hate to Cook and What to Do About Them

Basic Knife Set

A Foodist’s Pantry

Foodist Pantry 2.0

Essential Groceries

42 Code Words for Sugar

How to Find Real Food at the Supermarket

Chpt 6 PDF


Chapter 7

Zen and the Art of Mindful Eating

18 Tips to Eat More Slowly and Mindfully

5 Things to Consider Before Eating Something Naughty

Gateway Vegetables

How to Make Brussels Sprouts That Aren’t Gross

Chpt 7 PDF


Chapter 8

The Way You Move: NEAT, 10,000 Steps and Pumping Iron

NEAT Ideas

10 Tips for Starting and Sticking With Exercise

Chpt 8 PDF


Chapter 10

Home Savory Home: Your Single Biggest Asset in Weight Control

8 Reasons Regular Guys Should Learn to Cook

8 Reasons Awesome Girls Should Learn to Cook

Super Simple Beans

5-Minute Lunch

How to Prevent Gas and Other Digestive Issues Caused by Healthy Eating

How to Cook Perfect Rice Without a Rice Cooker

The Foodist’s Plate

10 Ways to Make Your Salad More Satisfying

Tips to Keep Produce Fresh

How to Make Cauliflower Taste as Good as French Fries

Super Easy Kale With Pistachios

Better than Butternut: The Delectable Delicata Squash

Chpt 10 PDF


Chapter 11

The Office: Brown Bags and Bullies

10 Reasons to Never Eat Free Food

Healthy Snack Ideas

Flight Friendly Food

Chpt 11 PDF


Chapter 12

Restaurants: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

8 Tips for Drinking Less Without Your Friends Knowing

10 Simple Substitutions for Making Restaurant Meals Healthier

20 Code Words to Look for on Restaurant Menus

Chpt 12 PDF


Chapter 13

How to Win Over Friends and Influence Family

How to Eat Healthy Without Being a Buzzkill

50 Mouthwatering Words to Describe Real Food

Beating Beet Aversions

Chpt 13 PDF