Going Back to Cali

by | Apr 7, 2017

After two years in the Big Apple Kevin, Toaster and I are headed back to SF this summer. We have loved our time in New York (which does have surprisingly good apples in the fall), and especially Brooklyn, but two years was always our rough timeline for our East Coast adventure and it feels like the right time to say goodbye.

People keep asking if it’s the weather pushing us away and the answer is a definite no. I expected to struggle with the winters, but both of the ones we had were relatively mild and I found the change of seasons to be a delightful departure from the monotonous temperate climates I’m accustomed to. The weather was one of the pleasant surprises.

It’s no secret that I’ll be happy to get back to my West Coast produce and all my amazing Bay Area friends, but nothing is driving us away. Kevin has accepted a position at True Ventures, which requires us to be closer to the Bay Area, and my laptop works from anywhere.

We’re excited to be moving forward into this next chapter, and it doesn’t suck that we’ll be back in time to catch the Warriors crush it in the NBA Finals.

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18 Responses to “Going Back to Cali”

  1. Michelle says:

    How exciting to be coming back to the Bay Area! I live just north of Sacramento, but my son lives in San Francisco and I love spending time with him there.

  2. Meena says:

    Congratulations for the move. Amen to the Warriors crushing it in the NBA Finals 🙂 Apples surely must be good on the east coast, but ‘summer tomato(es)’on the west coast are the best. Welcome back!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Tim Ferriss will enjoy having your asses back in California! Those who have read his Tools of Titans will know what I’m talking about.

  4. Diana Conner says:

    TWO years? It doesn’t seem possible. My very best to you.

  5. Alexis says:

    Hello from Marin County, and welcome home!

    Go Dubs!!!

  6. I live in SF!!!! It’s a GREAT place to be. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about where to live, to be etc. Would love to meet up one time!

  7. Dr. Darya Rose,
    I hope I won’t lose track of you and your Summer Tomato blog and email posts since you’re moving back to Cali. You’re still going to continue your program, right?!
    I have just become more upbeat since losing my dear mother on Easter Sunday morning two years ago, and I want to start taking better care of myself. I’m 59 and am a single mom of a 20 year old wonderful son and an aunt to a terriffic 27 year old nephew, and I want to be around for awhile longer for them and to complete my journey that God has appointed for me.

    • Darya Rose says:

      Thanks Cindy, nothing will change for you or Summer Tomato. Just giving you guys a life update. I’m glad you’re feeling better and happy spring 🙂

  8. Neri Kawashima says:

    I haven’t been to SF yet and have always wanted to see the city but my niece already moved to NY and she loves it there. From the pictures, it should be a lovely place and you going back where you lived for 20 years should be more exciting. You are right, you can work anywhere as long as there is a computer. Next time you visit Japan again maybe, we can see each other.Thanks for “SUMMER TOMATO” which I never miss.

  9. Grace Finch says:

    You’ve gotten a song stuck in my head, Darya! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_P-sP698sA 🙂

  10. Julie says:

    So happy for you guys!!!

  11. Jovel says:

    I know New York in 2016, every cold to a people of Costa Rica, good return a LA. Y que tus post y aportes de salud sean alla mas productivos para seguir exprimiendo sus beneficios.

  12. Sandra says:

    Those east coast apples are amazing. I still miss the beloved local Mutsus I left behind when I moved back west. Congrats on the start of a new adventure.

  13. Mbaika Magdalene says:

    Congratulations for the move. I hope you will enjoy your stay there. Really excited for you plus there’ll be lots of opportunities.

  14. Jessica says:

    But NY is the best! How am I supposed to run into and Kevin in the street and fan girl out? You’re seriously killing my dreams here.

  15. sarha says:

    One thing I’d love to hear is if you found maintaining your habits to be difficult in New York compared with beautiful California. Was it harder to be healthier as a result of the cold winters, hot summers, and lack of fresh produce? And how did you compensate for these sudden shifts if they did affect your habits—did you have to start over?

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