Why Do You Read Summer Tomato?

by | Aug 5, 2013

Hi friends,

My goal here at Summer Tomato has always been to help you create a healthystyle that makes your life awesome. It’s been a busy year with a site redesign and the Foodist book launch, and I plan to continue creating great content and tools that help you achieve your goals.

Below is a short survey designed to give me a better sense of what you need and how I can help. It should only take about 2 minutes, and your answers will help me make Summer Tomato a better resource for everyone.




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12 Responses to “Why Do You Read Summer Tomato?”

  1. Kari says:

    Apparently I didn’t talk your ear off enough just now. Was just thinking. I sound in a few of my responses like I was blaming outside forces more than I meant to. When did losing weight fail? When I had a terrible stressful job that involved travel to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and I had no sleep and had to eat awful food. Sure, fine, but I could have packed a lunch. Not doing so was my decision. I did at least try to keep trail mix around, but nobody MADE me eat fast food. Just not doing so was effing hard. I stand by “quitting” as the more sustainable solution than “packing lunch” though. 😉

  2. Kari says:

    August 5, 2013 at 8:13 pm
    Is almost identical to part of what my response would have been !

  3. Tracy K. says:

    I forgot to add this to my survey input: Another reason I’m reading your blog is to become exposed to food I don’t eat but might like if I try (or try again). Because of your book, I’ve given radishes another go. While they’re still not my favorite veggie (that would be a tie between cauliflower and broccoli), I must admit they add a nice flavor and crunch to my salads. Your cabbage and eggs recipe is next on my list!

  4. Judy DiVIncenzo says:

    One of my frustrations is that in the Tampa-Bay area of Florida, I feel challenged to find some of the interesting veggies etc grown fresh here. Of course we always have the basics, but as a foodie who is also striving to be a consistent foodist, I wish I could find more variety here. But summer tomato is always fun and inspirational. Recipes are great but my favorite part is reading about the real science behind how the human body processes. Facts are always better than fads and a little knowledge goes a long way toward inspiration to fueling your body properly and enjoying it while you do. Love your site. I will soon be launching a project that will speak to women 45 and older who want to remain looking great as we get older one of the ways to do that is to follow the summer tomato philosophies! I will absolutely send my readership your way.

  5. Hilary says:

    I like your blog because its informative and easy to understand. And I like your topics because they’re not so far out of reach for normal people’s brains to relate to! We’re not all doctors and biologists! (I filled out the survey too) – Take care!

    • Darya Rose says:

      Thanks! I agree it’s annoying that so many health and nutrition experts think it helps people to talk over their heads and preach to them. I definitely try to be informative, but more important is that I’m useful. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

  6. Alexandra says:

    I really love your blog too, you are so informative, and I love the fact that you are against dieting. I was at a normal weight when I did slim fast because the commercial got to me. I was 18. And it got crazy from there. Now I am just trying to develop a normal relationship with food. It takes time I guess.
    I loved your cabbage and eggs, I love all kinds of veggies, and farmers markets. I live in the North East so I get farmer’s markets for only few months, sigh….
    And keep those interesting recipes coming, I would have never thought of combining cabbage and eggs, wow.

    • Jean says:

      Alexandra, Check out the winter markets that have been popping up over the past few years. I live in the Boston area. It helps to get us through the winter months!

  7. Natashia says:

    cant seem to view the survey properly on my iPhone 🙁 but just wanted to say summer tomato opened my eyes to a whole new side of food, and realising how this fundamental aspect of life drives the body, mind and soul. summer tomato was the beginning of a wonderful rabbit hole and i now find myself changing so much of my lifestyle to accommodate better eating habits, whether its avoiding junk food or taking pleasure in making time and effort to cook something wonderful from scratch. food is no longer just mindless sustenance for me and it has positively affected not just my life but the lives of those around me too. your story with your father is the most inspiring thus far for me, and im still trying my best to do the same with my mother 🙂 she has amazingly started liking eating salads after realising how delicious they could be with the classic combination of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. thank you darya, keep doing what you do!

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