Summer Tomato got an Upgrade!

by | Mar 11, 2013

Photo by DanBrady

Spring cleaning has begun here at Summer Tomato. I am ecstatic to finally unveil Summer Tomato’s long overdue new look. Woo hoo!

I’ve spent months working with the amazing design team over at Grain & Mortar to clean up the site and make it easier to find the information you’re looking for. We’ve spruced up the logo, simplified the sidebar and reduced the navigation to four simple categories at the top: Health, Habits, Food and Weight Control.

We also created a shiny new About page (how cute is the little @toasterpup sitting in the wheelbarrow?) as well as my Bio, the Ask Me and other info pages. The search and other functions should be more streamlined as well. Poke around a bit and see what’s new.

I hope you enjoy!



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25 Responses to “Summer Tomato got an Upgrade!”

  1. Jason says:

    I like it. Nice, clean and streamlined. Draws the eye to the content instead of the entire layout.

  2. James Brooks says:

    Love the new layout, Darya – great work!

  3. Tracy says:

    I usually don’t like the redesigns of my favorite sites, but this looks great! Well done.

  4. ac says:

    sooooooooo much better – much easier to use and lovely to view; well done!

  5. Dee says:

    Does this coincide with the new Mrs. Rose? 🙂

  6. AJ says:

    Love the website makeover, Darya!!

  7. Mark says:

    Darya, your new design is just georgeous – I love its simplicity and the tiny details.

    Feels good!

  8. It looks fantastic and clean Darya.

  9. Gio says:

    Looks good, but.. button icons are too small I would make em at least 30% larger n they could be a bit more interesting. Summer Tomato logo font..a bit to chunky monkey, overwhelms the graphic logo.

  10. Kevin Rose says:

    Love the redesign! 🙂

  11. Steve says:

    Great upgrade! Very clean and easy to navigate. You’ve made a great website even better! And who is the new Mrs. Rose 😉

  12. Love the simple! So cute too! I rate it Supah!

  13. Trish says:

    Where is the mercado bag? I think your shop link should include your bag if you can.

    Change is always hard…still comparing the old with the new. What are all the stick flowers representing? Happiness or your sunny personality maybe? I do love your new photo!

    Kudos to you for continuing to evolve and refresh.

  14. fanny says:

    are you having a summer tomato live soon?

  15. I am very impressed by everything Darya has done but of course, since she is my first born child, I am supposed to impressed by her! But guess what? I’m not the only one!

  16. Tam says:

    Love the new layout, it’s beautiful! I loved the old as well. I just have one teensy favor. My favorite posts of yours are the Link Loves. I like to see what peaks your interest, as well as your little blurb of opinion. However, it would be great if the link could be embedded (or whatever you call it) to open to a new tab? Its just another step for me on my phone and sometimes I forget and have to wait while it refreshes again. Anyway, would love to see some new stuff!

  17. Cesar Mujica says:

    The site looks beautiful indeed.

  18. Annette says:

    Great design and beautifully organized. Easy to navigate and interesting. Always good to get a facelift!

  19. Sarah Lane says:

    Looks great Darya!

  20. Iris says:

    Love the new look! I’m really excited because this upgrade must mean you have big plans for Summer Tomato. I’m a bit of a lurker (I never comment haha) but I just wanted to let you know this has been one of top 5 favorite websites for the past 2 years and I’ve learned a lot from it. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us 🙂

  21. The redesign and relaunch of your website looks great.

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