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Farmers Market Update: Back in Action

Morels and Fiddleheads

There are no words for how good it felt to get back to the farmers market this week. The past few months have been a complete blur, preparing for the wedding and the book. I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone admire the seasonal produce.

Sweet Peas

But even though I’m still crazy busy, I knew I had to get back to the market before I missed spring entirely. I’m so glad I did.


The first thing I did was load up on greens. I grabbed as many kinds of kale and chard as I could carry, and even some of these awesome looking arrowhead cabbages.

Arrowhead Cabbages

I also stocked up on colorful root vegetables, like pink-striped cioggia beets and carrots of every color: purple, pink, yellow, orange and white.

Root Vegetables

In case you hadn’t guessed, artichokes are in season too. And I was sure to grab a couple.


I had expected to see a few strawberries out this week, but I was shocked to see that cherries are already available. These Early Burlatts weren’t quite sweet enough to buy, but I bet they will be soon.

Early Burlatt Cherries

There were even some early Hot House tomatoes available today, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Hot House Tomatoes

I made a few stops inside the Ferry Building as well. At Prather Ranch we got some marinated beef ribs and pork chops for a couple of our dinners this week.

Pastured Meats

At Far West Fungi I was delighted to see lots of new seasonal delicacies like ramps, fiddleheads and morels. Ramps are my absolute favorite onion relative to cook with eggs, and I got a basket of morels and black trumpet mushrooms, because I couldn’t resist.


I figured they would go nicely with walnuts (and butter and white wine, yum!), so I got some of those too.


Last I found a new Japanese goods stand. It was really crowded so I missed the name and didn’t get a good pic, but I was excited to see these little Japanese sansho pepper leaves that I ate often last year in Tokyo.

Sansho Pepper Leaves & Japanese Treats

It’s so nice to be back.